The Chicago style, unlike some other writing styles, has no comprehensive guidelines on how to format heading and subheading in a paper or an essay . However, it gives a recommendation on how to format headings and subheadings. If you are writing an academic paper , ensure that your subheadings and headings are formatted per the citation and formatting styles. Later in this article, we look at how to format subheadings and headings in MLA and APA, which are the most common styles. You can also acquaint yourself with other academic writing styles such as Chicago, Vancouver, Oxford, Bluebook, or Harvard.

In the MLA style, every new paragraph should have at least half an inch of indent. Heading level one can be used for the main section, like Methods, Results, and Discussions. However, if one section of your paper goes as deep as five headlines, it does not mean that other sections have to go as deep. Most of the journals and scientific reports are based on this format.

This shows which ideas are original and plagiarism free. Other than the above-mentioned benefit, if you write your paper in the APA, your original ideas will be more visible. If you write a scientific report in the APA format, it is more likely that your report will be approved for the journal. However, if it is not written properly in the format, your paper may get rejected instantly. If not, the committee would definitely ask you to rewrite it in the format. In the first paragraph, you do not need to write the introduction as the heading.

If the reader is looking for a specific piece of information, the sub-headings act as a guide to serve the reader through the page until they’ve found what they’re looking for. They encourage the reader to keep reading and help break the text down into manageable chunks. There are some forms of writing (e.g. reports) where bullet points are allowed. Some subjects also allow bullet points in academic essays.

Check with the lecturer and ensure that you use the appropriate format and punctuation for using bullet points in that discipline. Numbered lists should contain full sentences or paragraphs rather than phrases. The first word after each number should be capitalized, as well as the first word in any following sentence; each sentence should end with a period or other punctuation. Words, if developmentally delayed adults simply had better access to vocational rehabilitation services , they would somehow become more successful in terms of full-time employment. Smith provides no empirical evidence to demonstrate how or why this would occur.

The first level of heading is bolded and centered, and the first letter of each word in the heading is capitalized. The paragraph text should be typed on the following line and indented five spaces from the left. Starting with the first level of heading, the subsections of the paper should progressively use the next level of heading without skipping any levels. Major sections of the paper’s main body, including the Method, Results, and Discussion sections, should always be formatted with the first level of heading.

Unlike Chicago manual of styles, MLA does not have two separate guidelines for essays and journal papers. MLA headings and Subheadings are not designed for length. In fact, shorter headings give more concise meanings and enhance readability.

So, for example, under methods , you can have subsections such as sampling strategy, data analysis, or data processing as level 2. Although tempting, avoid using corny words, jokes, and puns in your subheadings. Introducing these aspects can make your subheadings and headings ambiguous, deterring the readers from reading the content. Remember, a subheading expands your heading and comes after the latter.

The subheading will be giving a clue of what to expect in the content. As a writer, I think the most important among the aforementioned tips is the organization of structure. Once you have a complete picture of what you will include in your paper, everything else will follow.

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