The Metaverse Is Going to Be Bigger Than You Think! The idea of a next-generation internet and technology that bridges the gap between the PHYSICAL and VIRTUAL WORLDS has left many excited and others worried.

Metaverse will undoubtedly impact many aspects of our lives, but the EDUCATION INDUSTRY will transform forever.

Join us LIVE on January 28th at 8 AM PST (9:30 PM IST). Prof. Frank Chindamo and Dr. John Holder from the Virtual Film School will answer this question and enrich our knowledge on the exciting facts about Metaverse and how it will disrupt the Education industry!

About the Speakers

Prof. Frank Chindamo: He carries many years of teaching experience at USC, UCLA, Emerson, LMU, Chapman etc., and is presently the Founder & CEO of Virtual Film School. As a filmmaker, he won more than 30 awards for films for HBO, etc.

Dr. John Holder: Dr. John Holder heads the UK’s cutting-edge VR & AR Realities Centre, drawing on 20 years’ experience in this field. He has led software teams for clients which include Global Fortune 500 corporations and delivered multi-million-dollar VR projects with eCommerce integration.