How a Pricing Strategy Helps build Shareholder Value

700+ projects for P.E. firms, have successfully implemented our solution (Pricing Sweet Spot and Customer Segmentation). Often leading to more than doubling of sales growth, 25%-40% higher margins, and a more than doubling of shareholder value quickly. I am also a partner with Sjofors and Partner. Let me know if someone you know is looking […]

Little Known Profit Building Strategies_ – Webinar by PCC

Watch the interactive webinar wherein Mike Patterson (Award-Winning Speaker & Corporate Trainer) will be enlightening your knowledge with the ‘Little known profit-building strategies!’ along with Mr. Sandeep Dhall (Co-Chair PCC San Francisco Chapter). Organiser: PCC

You must develop the ability to see the needs and wants of others

Success lies in knowing what your clients need and getting it to them before the competition Understand the following: · Demographics, psychographics, pain points. · Understand your audience: · You should know who he/she is, his/her tastes. · Where he/she hangs around, what kind of fun or business activities he/she does · Where he/she learns […]

Find a market gap

Entrepreneur Must Series Session 2- Find the Market Gap. You must find a market gap. Don’t be all things to all people, focus on your niche and develop it until you are not their 1st choice, you are their ONLY choice. This is a journey, a process not a project. #entrepreneur #smallbusinesssuccess #smallmediumenterprise #growthmarketing #marketing […]

Become a Service Fanatic | Entrepreneur Must series

The purpose of a business, is to get and keep a customer, they will only stay with you if you perform above and beyond their expectations. Another excellent chat with Mike Patterson on our series of talks. #entrepreneur #smallandmediumbusiness #smallmediumenterprise #customerservice #growthmarketing #sellyourbusiness #buyingabusiness

You must get started

Things will NEVER be perfect, start from where you are with what you’ve got and adapt as you go. But whatever you do, START! Our Fourth Session with Mike Patterson.

Think big but start small

Don’t go spending all your time, money and energy on something that may, or may not, take off. Test your idea first on a few trusted people, if they won’t buy, then there may not be a market for it. Sixth session with Mike Patterson. #middlemarket #smallbusinesssuccess #smallmediumenterprise #entrepreneuer #growingyourbusiness

Leverage resources and network effectively

Another awesome chat with Mike Patterson. How many businesses and companies are underutilizing their resources. I would say most.. what do you think? This is session 7 with Mike. #networking #smallmediumbusiness #growthmarketing #sellingbusiness #buyingbusiness

Verimap Wildfire Webinar

At 200 MPH, our client’s aircraft-mounted thermal camera system can detect a 10×10 cm burning ember from 10,000 feet. Please join us as we discuss new ways to find fires faster… and manage them before it’s too late.

You must hire the best people and generate entrepreneurial excitement

Eighth session with Mike Patterson. Employee’s Ownership attitude is a gift to us, so nurture it. Contrary to the common belief, Employees are often motivated by factors that go far beyond compensation. Inspiring an “ownership attitude” right from the first interview is important. Allowing employees to have more decision-making power and autonomy in their work; […]