My Story

My Journey As A Serial Entrepreneur

The Seed for positively impact 50 Million people were planted in my mind in 2017 when I
read Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think. Peter Diamandis said in this book:

“The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities”.

Sitting in an office as Global Manager of a two-billion-dollar company with so many diverging expectations, I was confused about achieving this personal goal.

It seems like Universe (God depending on what you believe in) was listening as within a few months I got a knock at my office door to be delivered the pink slip (lost job).

I was set FREE, I think. Mind, vibrations, and the infinite source sometimes have a funny way of teaching us priorities. The thoughts we think in our Mind and the emotions we feel in the Heart give form and substance to the physical reality, we experience as life.

This job loss was a great opportunity for me to decide that the rest of my life is going to be devoted to positively impact 50 million people.

At this vulnerable time, Wayne Dyer’s quote came to my rescue;

Decision Point

For the rest of my life – Apply accumulated knowledge of 25 years to help diverse segments of society worldwide, including Small and Medium Businesses, to Build Grow and Scale

Skills and experience through 25+ years of regular interaction with small and medium-sized companies in India, Canada, and the US has been foundational for me. In addition, I get help from my unique global experience and understanding of the business intricacies, challenges, and thought process of the founders, owners, and their families irrespective of different cultures and nationalities

During these 25+ years, I gathered deep experience in functional areas:

I am also blessed to have launched 3 Multinational companies in India. In addition, I launched many startups globally from Selling Yoga & Meditation classes, Solar systems, Disinfectant Academy, Real Estate, Immigrant Transformation Channel. I was also a management consultant to many companies, from Startups to 35 billion dollars in North America.

I am grateful for working in industries and products like Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Semi-Conductor, Building products (Cement, Wooden Flooring, Particleboard, Electrical products), and even helped a Lottery company.

I am a Life Long Learner, also proud to have a  foundational education background (MBA) and certifications like (CSCP – Certified Supply Chain Professional) and (CBAP – Certified Business Analysis Professional)

My Family

I am grateful to my wonderful wife and daughter for believing in me and supporting my journey. I could not have achieved so much without their support. Both of them wear multiple hats for helping me, e.g., navigator, mastermind, brainstorm buddies, and of course, the accountability partner.

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We not only invest money but also bring resources, alliances,
knowledge and experience to Build, Grow, Scale, and Small, Medium-sized businesses