Small and Medium businesses are the backbone of the economy.

We can either be part of this massive wave of change or be swept away by it. Those are our choices.

Latest innovations have fundamentally changed the way we do business

Never in human history has the pace of innovation accelerated as exponentially as it does now. New technologies and business models enable emerging companies to disrupt well-established companies and even whole markets.

So how does Small and Medium Business ride this wave and be a Winner?

Introduction of the book:

“This book aims to make you aware of all the different aspects that you need to update in your business to upgrade to an exponential organization. If you don’t want to be pushed to the sidelines to watch as companies that have barely existed five minutes overtake your well- established family driven business, which has been built by the blood and sweat of several generations, then you need to change your organization from a linear one to an exponential one – you need to upgrade from Family Driven Business (SMB) 1.0 or 2.0 to Family Driven Business (SMB) 4.0.”
“This book intends to wake the Family Driven Businesses (SMB in other words) up, open their eyes, and shake them out of their 14-15 hours daily hardworking schedule where all their juices are spent chasing and managing chaos. Unsurprisingly they are left without the energy to think strategically and to innovate. We want to show Family Driven Businesses a way out of this conundrum.”

Get help and punch above your weight consistently

I regularly help our small and medium-size clients build their Online Presence, Get Found on the internet. I help businesses grow and scale with Full-Service Digital Marketing, Robotic Process Automation, and much more. Open to investing in and creating win-win Partnerships, JVs with small and medium businesses. My favorite thing to do is to help SMB companies grow and scale and to see them succeed.